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Just my way of thinking outside the box. Powerful careers and lives would be made a shambles should exposure occur — hence, the cloak-and-dagger behavior and cryptic circumstances that every investigator is blocked by should they venture too close to uncovering something. As you know full well Cathy, power and corruption are bedfellows. Very well said, Mike. Cathy keep in mind: Father Alger Shelden. This description Lady seeking casual sex Island Grove Francis Shelden is strikingly similar to the description of the current Island Manager of Looking for 1 fwb 1 real Island, as per this website: No, I know David Johnson.

I have interviewed David Johnson and have been to South Fox several times. He is a property developer Lady seeking casual sex Island Grove investor. Miss Firestone, I will have to agree that Girl macclesfield fucked Johnson does not fit into the pedophile association.

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I hunted on the South Fox Island several times and found Dave to be a likeable fellow. I have read your book.

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I have a copy signed by Mr. Now you will ssx to Lady seeking casual sex Island Grove back and take a look at Lady seeking casual sex Island Grove people and the families are angered about. If anyone out there has information about the owners of North Fox Island wether it be individuals or corporations it Mature woman for sex seattle be nice to know what they have.

They may have the key to the puzzle of the kidnapping, terrorization, molestation, rape, bondage and several other unspeakable crimes against a multitude of children NOT Islnad mention the deaths of 4 children from Oakland County. Money and power Gdove. There is a lot of money in Oakland County and the actions of the PA Cooper makes me more and more suspicious that there is some money changing hands or favors being called to keep a lid on what the King Family has discovered.

I have emailed you and asked you to get in contact with me so I could find out more about North Fox Island. Never heard a peep. Dave Johnson did own North Fox Island.

His lawyers can probably tell you what person took the last step on it! As Housewives want sex tonight Collettsville, Thomas Ascroft. Earlier blog post on N.

Fox and Shelden— https: If you get a chance to read The Leelanau Enterprise front page, which is supposed Grovf come out tomorrow, I think you will see that I am supportive of the King family.

What happened to these kids makes me sick. The piece I wrote for the Enterprise was originally intended for the history section of the paper. When the editor saw what I wrote, he decided to put it on the front page, and a reporter has written more about the subject and has interviewed more people. If some leads come out aeeking this, I will be happy. Kathleen, Can you supply dates when the Leelanau Enterprise published articles about the porn activity on the island? Thanks so much.

I read the Senate testimony… All I can say is truth is stranger than fiction! Hopefully, that on bit of information that blows the case wide open will one day Women seeking hot sex Argyle Missouri revealed… Soon! In the meantime, good luck Catherine! There is a photo of Frank Shelden in my book, and this photo may also appear in the Enterprise tomorrow. Or you can find various priced ones on ebay, probably without the update.

If you are interested, send caxual an casua, and I will give you my address. Cathy, your blog has been linked to on a thread on the David Icke forum.

We are actively researching international child abuse networks. This may account for some of the Lady seeking casual sex Island Grove from outside Lady seeking casual sex Island Grove US you have been getting. Catherine, what an incredible post! And I see it has turned over a furrow Islwnd responses.

Somebody Mardi Lady seeking casual sex Island Grove To bitamoney and others. The last I knew, the editor was still interviewing. I found this post when I was searching for scandals connected with Cranbook Institute.

When I toured the institute, I had a strange psychic experience and a very strong Islanr of darkness and heaviness which continued to increase as Seekibg toured the grounds and crossed over to Christ Church across the road. I continued eex feel this heaviness as I later drove up the road and past the Manresa retreat and the Masonic temple up on Woodward. Since that time, I Lady seeking casual sex Island Grove avoided driving down that road because of the feeling that I get, which is so disturbing.

I have sefking that these buildings and properties are connected by underground tunnels and that something really bad happened there. So, when I was searching Lady seeking casual sex Island Grove, I found your story. I am genuinely seex for your loss.

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I am sorry to say that I Lady seeking casual sex Island Grove not believe that these things ended in the s. I think you are right Katie very right and things that happened at Cranbrook were also covered Lady seeking casual sex Island Grove as well, very completely and carefully.

I grew up in Royal Oak and well recall the events Catherine speaks of in this blog. I have over my caasual met people from back Wanting sex no strings and one who became a friend shared a story with me about his years at Cranbrook School.

After a night of too much BBQ and Micro-brew he told me the story of what happened to Islan as a kid. Not long after he was molested by both of these teachers at different times and this abuse went on for over two years. When this finally came out after all that time he was asked to leave the school and his dad was let go from his job. He found out later that his parents took a settlement to keep things out of the paper and that money paid for him to go to the very pricey school back east.

My friend has had some serious issues with depression, suicide attempts and drug use, he recalls distinctly the time before this happened and what he became after what happened. Turns out the teachers never lost their jobs or had any issues that came out publicly in the press. He found out later they both retired from Lady seeking casual sex Island Grove school, so heaven knows how many boys they got at over the years and Cranbrook covered up for them and their own high reputation.

If what you say is true, screw the threats at lawsuits. One casula those people could be a murderer! Kathleen, I just finished reading your book. A year before his alleged death. I assume he somehow contacted you, and not the opposite? Thanks for reading my book and for your kind comments. I wrote to Frank Sheldon as I was writing the book. I had never met Lady seeking casual sex Island Grove.

But I knew of the allegations against him. I was able to Idland him through a friend who knew Franks lawyer. I promised I would not ask about the crimes, but only about other things having to do with the island. He did answer my letter, and the information was used in the book. He said Lady seeking casual sex Island Grove would like a copy of the book when I finished it.

I believe I sent them Lady seeking casual sex Island Grove copy of my letter to Frank and his Nsa you can be married or single to me. The Leelanau Enterprise has not printed my piece yet because they wanted to add other articles to accompany Lady seeking casual sex Island Grove. I think March 8 is the new date for publishing. I know the family of another victim has been interviewed. I will see that a copy gets to Catherine Broad.

Kathleen Firestone. The Leelanau Enterprise printed a front page story in this weeks issue, concerning the crimes and North Fox Island.

Maybe the editor has already done so. Why sfx the Bellaire Airport get a highly modern and sophisticated landing system? How did his still living son end up with a sizeable trust fund? What happened to the distribution side of that fly in? Why are there no stories to be found on the internet?

Did flights to NFI originate from Bellaire? Ever hear of the Italian Hall Massacre? The story is different but the underlying components of power, greed, corruption and cover-up are alive and well throughout all walks and all societies of humanity and as usual a few bad people can negatively impact good people on large scale.

From time to time I hit google, just seeing if anything new has been digitized and indexed for public view. The interesting thing is that this is a scan of an actual historical document.

The seekinv of the photo is included, and it indicates it comes from the archives of the Detroit News. There was a ? In it, there is a pic of the main house from the beach side. If you go to google earth, you can see the triangular foundation and landing strip are still there. Also, K. The book has a few aLdy of him and one of the structures on the island. I found this blog post some time ago as well- a group of college kids Adult wants sex Toler out on North Fox Island and blogged about their experience nosing around with photos.

Ah, that would make much more sense. Sorry, my mind automatically interpreted the handwriting in the most Looking for an honest woman for friendship possibly more way possible. Sold a couple of times from a couple of ssex owners it now belongs to the State.

I read reference to the house and cabin, the house was burned down the cabin is all that remains.

The Seekkng Aviation Foundation RAF as you will read on the internet is leasing the airstrip only and has made it a public use airport for anyone to use. Although the island has a terrible a troubled past the RAF is seeking to change that.

Lady seeking casual sex Island Grove

It is a beautiful place to visit now, Lady seeking casual sex Island Grove the most dangerous creatures on the island now are one lonely coyote and billions of mosquitoes. In Charlevoix and have questions after reading blog. I believe I have stumbled across a person serving in public office who could be associated with what happened on N.

Fox Island. Have you ever seen this document? And what happened to Sheldens brother Alger Shelden Jr. Or the Detroit lawyer last appointed as Sheldens trustee L. Bennett Young? It really makes you wonder just how far this stretches, I wonder who the two boys he has listed to receive education funds in that link were, and why… And it says Michgan Judgees knew Sheldens whereabouts in March thanks to correspondences and notarized documents so why not go arrest him?

At one point a man in the Netherlands was appointed as the trustee but Housewives looking nsa Lexington Indiana removed so a lawyer in Detroit could take over, it really makes me wonder if more big wigs in the Detroit area were involved as well.

I have seen that document, Sarah—thanks for posting it. Sheldon went to the Netherlands because there was no extradition treaty with the U. The prosecutors for Port Huron and the Ann Arbor areas let this guy go. Based on the skimpy MSP file I saw on this case, the client list probably included men from all over the country who flew up to N.

All of them—Shelden, and other participants in raping Lady seeking casual sex Island Grove and purveyors and watchers of child pornography, as well as law enforcement local prosecutors to FBI agents who looked the other way or caved, should rot in Hell.

Shelden could not be extradited, but Lady seeking casual sex Island Grove could use the U.

Lady seeking casual sex Island Grove I Search Sex Tonight

Ladies seeking sex Crescent Valley Nevada Young—bleacher seat in Hell.

As young boys and adolescents my brother and I knew Frank Sheldon as he was an occasional visitor to South Manitou Acsual. We spent time going on day outings, at community camp fires etc. I was probably about years old when the story broke about Frank. My mother was very concerned about what Frank may have done to here sons.

Fortunately, Frank must have been smart enough the not exploit relationships with friends children, or, my younger brother and I were very lucky that he never abused Lady seeking casual sex Island Grove relationship. Frank had paid for a female friend of ours education at Interlochen as a kind gesture to a struggling family that had a gifted child.

After the sex scandal was published she was also asked if Frank had abused his relationship with here. She said no. Frank was creepy. I think that his creepiness did not let me want to spend any time alone with him. I had lunch with him. He took care of some business and then got back out of the country before the Feds knew he was here. Now, as an adult, I am only too aware of how money and the power that comes with money corrupts people. The house that Frank kept on North Fox has been virtually abandoned since the early s.

There were no more trips to North Fox Island by Frank post investigation. I am not saying that he had nothing to do with the abductions and murders. Unfortunately, I, too, know what it is like to lose a brother to a yet unsolved murder. By brother was murdered in Florida in as part of a gang initiation. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time and it cost him his life. Thank you for your observations, JS. Somebody somewhere made sure no Lary would lead to, nor questions asked of, these fine, upstanding citizens.

Possible suspects in Oakland County wound up dead; no kids are known to have been murdered by the OCCK s after Marchtherefore no need to look at anyone affiliated with Fox Island. Pretty convenient. How does that work? Are you still offering copies of your book? If so, please contact me as Lady seeking casual sex Island Grove would like to purchase a copy.

Sorry it took me so long to respond. I cant Lady seeking casual sex Island Grove the Lady seeking casual sex Island Grove that these children must have felt. This is crazy and it seems like this issue Lady seeking casual sex Island Grove only scratched at the surface level. I am sick and tired of hearing how children have been abused and these pieces of shit that hurt our children and they all are our childrenthese perverts get a slap on the fucking wrist.

We have a problem i want to apologize to the children and the familys that lived this nightmare and had no one to have your back. Thats Scary. A cover-up of this magnitude is appalling thanks for Single girls Jonesboro Arkansas ks sex ads about the victims and their families it shows your compassion on this Wife looking real sex MI Ypsilanti 48197 story.

I grew up in Madison Heights Michigan In the 70s. I remember all this all too well and in the Lady seeking casual sex Island Grove of or 79 a guy approached me asking if I wanted to do some work at his house, well I told him no and left fast. I can describe him and his car to this day. I often think of Timothy King, we were the same age. I pray they solve this case. God bless all the victims in this case I was only 9 sez old and living in Walled Lake and suburb of Oakland County when these monsters were kidnapping our friends and peers then dumping them like they were nothing.

We lived in total fear of who would be next. Has anyone considered that the two girls who were abducted, held for days, well-fed, and bathed were intended to be sold to other pedophile rings with a girl preference? It occurs to me that with Shelden et al. And I believe C. MORE people who were there in one Lady seeking casual sex Island Grove or another seem to be going public.

It sure seems like this is about to blow wide open. I grew up in GR. I wish it was possible to solve things with a wish, but…. You make a difference with every word you write. Anybody check the flight records on file for familiar names? These are all high profile Islaand. They have Lad with the internet. The Vatican and Saudi both involved with crimes against children. I did end up researching Caaual Cover Up. It is as if they were set up laughing all the way that the taxpayers fund their crimes against casusl.

Try being a survivor of the abuse you weaklings. May you and yours find peace whatever it takes! I czsual anyone not resting on this case. I am convinced I was approached at age 13 on Kenmore, a side street in Berkley, Lady seeking casual sex Island Grove 12mile and Coolidge. I was alone, late afternoon, walking 5 doors down from parents on Lady seeking casual sex Island Grove to a Islajd house He had his passenger window down and pulled up slowly and was speaking to me in a low voice very difficult to hear.

What I noted at the time was he seemed very relaxed, hair to shoulder and looked mid to late 20s and was not driving a Laxy, as media has all over as the car to be concerned.

I thought he was sincerely looking for directions at first, he was so relaxed.

He than told me he wanted me to come closer to hear him better and he had something for me if I gave him directions and asked me to approach the car to get my Lady seeking casual sex Island Grove if I help him. I than ran, seekinng floored his LeMans and I missed a terrible fate.

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